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Hi. I’m Stephen Brook and I have a life-long passion for classic cars. I currently own an Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite and a Caterham Super Seven with a Lotus Twincam engine. Both of these cars have, sadly, been off the road for a few years.

Why Owner’s World

The Owners World Blog was started to help motivate me to get my cars back on the road. I do some work on the car and then write about it on the blog. I have an idea for a post, so I need to research the post by working on the car; the classic win-win scenario !

Who is it aimed at

Well, anyone who has, or wants to have, a classic car. This begs the question, “what is a classic car ?” I think that if a car is no longer in production and you love it, then your car is a classic … and you are most welcome at Owner’s World! Have a look at the Public Gallery, not all classics, but quite a few in there.

Frogeye Seven Midget

What will I find

With projects and how to’s, checklists and book reviews you will find something to inspire and motivate you to get the most from owning your classic.
Here are a couple of great examples of the kind of articles that you can expect to see: How To: Engine Compression Test and Best Books for Sprites and Midgets.

How can I keep in touch

You can follow me on Facebook and Pinterest so that you don’t miss out on any updates. If you have any suggestions for posts or, you just want to get in contact, you can do so via the Owners World contact page.

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Caterham Blat

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