Best Car Battery Booster Pack

Car Battery Booster Pack

Picking the best car battery booster pack (or best car jump starter UK) is very dependent on your own circumstances. If you have a 1959 948CC Frogeye sprite, then you don’t need to go to the expense of a car battery booster pack that is capable of starting a 10-litre diesel engine. Conversely, you would be wasting your money on a low powered car jump starter if you have a classic American Muscle car.

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Bubble Chart

Check out the bubble chart below where we have created the best car jump starter UK list for you.

Car Battery Booster Pack
Customer RatingPopularity

You can easily see the most popular car battery booster pack (by sales volume) plotted against the highest customer-rated. The size of the bubbles represent the price; the bigger the bubble, the higher the price. Finally, we’ve highlighted our 1st and 2nd choice for best car battery booster pack using the different coloured bubbles.

Best Car Jump Starter UK Comparison

Now scan the comparison list below to gain a better idea of the features of your preferred car jump starter. When you’re ready, click on one of the entries to take you through to our product detail page.

Car Battery Booster Pack Features

Below is an explanation of the comparable features between different car battery booster packs.

Engine Size

This is actually the key piece of information you need for choosing the best car battery jump starter for your car. It simply says, “this jump starter is capable of starting engines in this range.”

Peak Rating

The peak rating is the maximum current that the car battery booster pack can provide for a very short period of time. This is boost required to get the engine turning over initially. Once the engine is turning, the amount of power required to keep it turning, and hopefully to start, is the available starting power (ASP) measured in Joules (not all jump starters provide their ASP specification.) For example, the NOCO GB70 has a peak rating of 2000A and an ASP of 15700 joules.

Roughly speaking, the bigger the engine that you have, the higher the peak rating and available starting power you need.

Output Options

This is a handy side benefit of the car battery booster packs. Most come with 1 or 2 USB charging ports for charging your phones, tablets and games.

Some car battery booster packs also come with a 12V outlet (Cigar lighter socket). This is really handy for plugging in tyre-inflators, inverters, pumping up airbeds etc.


Another common appendage to the car battery booster pack is the flashlight. They vary in brightness (measured in Lumens – lm) and function: flashlight, strobe, SOS, blue light, red light …

Starts per Charge

This is the number of times that the car battery jump starter will be able to jump start an engine on one charge.

Our Favourites

NOCO absolutely dominate the car battery booster pack market with good reason. They are well designed, robust and a trusted name. You could choose any appropriately rated NOCO for your vehicle engine size and it will give you great performance.

Our 1st Choice for Best Car Jump Starter UK is the NOCO GB40. It has all of the NOCO quality and will start most family cars (petrol and diesel.) Best of all, it sells for under £100!

Our 2nd Choice is a NOCO as well! The NOCO GB70 delivers a massive 2000 Amps and will start just about anything! We particularly like the 12V Outlet option.

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