Best Car Battery Charger UK

Best Battery Charger UK

Check out the bubble chart below where we have rounded up the best car battery chargers in the UK for you.

All of the car battery chargers listed have a customer satisfaction rating of at least 90% based on around 100 customer reviews. (some have several thousand reviews)

Bubble Chart

You can easily see the most popular car battery chargers (by sales volume) plotted against the highest customer-rated chargers. The size of the bubbles represent the price; the bigger the bubble, the higher the price. And finally, we’ve highlighted our 1st and 2nd choice for best car battery charger UK using the different coloured bubbles.

Tip: You can click on the bubble text to quickly scroll to the relevant car battery charger in the comparison list below

Car Battery Charger Comparison

Scan the comparison list below to gain a better idea of the features of your preferred car battery charger. When you’re ready, click on one of the entries to take you through to our car battery charger product detail page.

Tip: A typical modern saloon car battery is about 80-100Ah whereas a classic Frogeye Sprite battery is normally 50-60Ah.

Tip: As a rule-of-thumb, if you divide your battery capacity in amp-hours by the charging current, it will give you an approximate time to charge your battery from flat to 80%
e.g. 80Ah / 5A = 16 hours whereas 80Ah / 0.8A = 100 hours! (over 4 days)

Our Favourites

So, our 1st Choice is unequivocally the CTEK MXS 5.0. Excellent design, easy to use and very high quality. I have owned one of these myself for about 10 years and it is superb.

Our first 2nd Choice has been made to offer a cheaper alternative if you feel the CTEK is more than you want to spend. The Maypole 7423A gets an amazing 94% customer satisfaction and is a great value battery charger from a long-established British company.

Our second 2nd Choice is the BUDDYGO CT003. It gets 90% customer satisfaction and has a great set of features at a very affordable price.

Bear in mind that, as in most things, you generally get what you pay for. Any of the CTEK or NOCO chargers are world-class and definitely worth your consideration.

If you’re not sure how to charge a car battery, check out this article at Haynes.

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