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A car trolley jack is an essential piece of garage equipment if you intend maintaining your own car. Whether you need a 2 tonne trolley jack or a 3 tonne trolley jack, you should choose a good quality, safe hydraulic trolley jack. Match it to a set of axle stands and you can work under your car safely.

Bubble Chart

Check out the bubble chart below where we have listed the best car trolley jacks for you.

You can easily see the most popular car trolley jack (by sales volume) plotted against the highest customer-rated. The size of the bubbles represents the price; the bigger the bubble, the higher the price. Finally, we’ve highlighted our 1st and 2nd choice for the best trolley jack using the different coloured bubbles.

Best Trolley Jack Comparison

Now scan the comparison list below to gain a better idea of the features of your preferred hydraulic trolley jack. When you’re ready, click on one of the entries to take you through to our product detail page.

Car Trolley Jack Features

Below is an explanation of the comparable features between different car trolley jacks.

Lifting Capacity – 2 Tonne Trolley Jack or 3 Tonne Trolley Jack

The lifting capacity gives you a guide as to whether the jack is capable of lifting your vehicle. It is dangerous to use a 2 tonne trolley jack if your car is a Range Rover and weighs 2.7 tonnes! Additionally, it normally requires less effort to use a car trolley jack that is rated much higher than the minimum rating. Using a 3 tonne trolley jack to lift a Caterham 7 will be virtually effortless 🙂

As a rule of thumb for selecting the lifting capacity of your hydraulic trolley jack, multiply the weight of your car in tonnes by 0.75 and then choose a jack that is rated at above that weight. See the table below for some example vehicle weights and suggested car trolley jack capacity ratings.

CarCar WeightWeight x 0.75Minimum Hydraulic
Car Jack Capacity
Caterham 70.60.451.0 – 1.5
MG Midget0.80.61.0 – 1.5
Ford Focus1.61.22.0
BMW 5 Series2.01.52.0 – 3.0
1960’s Mustang1.10.81.5 – 2.0
Modern Ford Mustang1.91.42.0
Range Rover2.72.03.0

(All weights in metric tonnes)

Saddle Heights

The saddle on a car trolley jack is the part that is in contact with your vehicle when you are actually jacking the car up.

There are minimum and maximum heights specified for the saddle. Whilst the maximum height tells you how high the jack will raise the vehicle from the ground (bearing in mind that you might raise the chassis 400mm, but the suspension/wheels may sag way below that.) The minimum saddle height is the lowest that your car trolley jack will go. In conjunction with the maximum chassis height, these measurements determine whether you will get the jack underneath your car.

Maximum Chassis Height

The maximum chassis (or frame) height will determine whether you can get a specific car trolley jack underneath your vehicle. If you have a very low sports car, you will need a low-profile or low-entry car trolley jack. If you can’t find a suitable jack, you can run your car wheels onto some low ramps (50mm blocks of wood) to give you some extra clearance.

Chassis Length

The benefit of a car trolley jack with a long chassis length is that you can get the saddle further under your vehicle before the jack pumping handle fouls on the bodywork.

The downside is that a long chassis length obviously takes up more storage space in your garage and may not fit in the boot of your car!

Our Favourites

Please take care when selecting and using a hydraulic trolley jack. Incorrect use can lead to serious injury or death. Always support your vehicle securely and never work under a car that is only supported by a jack of any type.

Our 1st Choice for Best Trolley Jack is the Sealey 2001LEHV; a well-built 2 tonne trolley jack with the added benefit of a low-entry chassis, making it great for custom and sports cars as well as most family cars.

Our 2nd Choice is another Sealey trolley jack, the Sealey 1020LEHV. This is another 2 tonne trolley jack, again with a low-entry chassis, but at a cheaper price point.

If you need a 3 tonne trolley jack, Sealey is again, the best-rated with the Sealey 1153CXHV.

Check out this article about different types of car jacks and how to use them.

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