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Multimeters are incredibly useful tools for the classic and specialist car owner. Any kind of wiring or component fault is so much easier to trace with a decent multimeter. Nowadays, they are so cheap, it really makes sense to have one of the best multimeter UK in your toolkit.

Looking for the best multimeter under 100 pounds? We can beat that. You’ll find the best multimeter under 30 pounds below!

Bubble Chart

Check out the bubble chart below where we have created the best multimeter UK list for you.

You can easily see the most popular multimeter (by sales volume) plotted against the highest customer-rated. The size of the bubbles represent the price; the bigger the bubble, the higher the price. Finally, we’ve highlighted our 1st and 2nd choice for best multimeter UK using the different coloured bubbles.

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Best Multimeter UK Comparison

Now scan the comparison list below to gain a better idea of the features of your preferred multimeter. When you’re ready, click on one of the entries to take you through to our product detail page.

Types of Multimeter

For this Best Multimeter UK list, we have only considered Digital Multimeters. They are versatile, reasonably robust, accurate and extremely good value for money.

There are a few different types in our Best Multimeter UK list: Manual and Autoranging and Probe versus Clamp Meter.

Manual models require that you set the range that you are looking to measure manually e.g. 0-10V, 10-100V etc. Whereas Autoranging models work out what range you are trying to measure automatically.

Probe models use 2 probes that you place at different points on your circuit in order to take a reading. Probe models typically (although not always) have a higher standard of accuracy than clamp meters.

A Clamp Meter measures current/amperage, by placing its clamp around the wire being tested rather than using the probes. They can often measure higher currents than a probe model but tend to have a lower standard of accuracy (although this is not always the case).

Both probe and clamp meters are available as manual or autoranging.

If you’re not sure how to use a multimeter for diagnosing problems vehicle wiring, there is a handy introduction at

The Best Multimeter UK

Our 1st Choice for Best Multimeter UK is the AstroAI WH5000A. It does everything and more, with bells on! and at under £30, it is a must-have bargain.

Our 2nd Choice is the Ultrics FBA0021-YB. Although this is not an autoranging model, it has a solid specification and incredibly, comes in at under £20.

Please don’t be tempted to buy a really cheap digital multimeter. At best you will be disappointed. At worst, you could suffer an injury due to poor design and failure. For the sake of an extra £10, treat yourself to a decent, reliable and safe multimeter.

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