Best Plastic Sheds for Garden Storage

Plastic Sheds

You might wonder what an article about the best plastic sheds for garden storage is doing on a website primarily about classic cars.

Well, a couple of years ago, I moved from a house with a large double garage to a house with a small single garage and a garden storage shed. My cars were out in the open, exposed to the elements … I needed another garden storage shed!

Why a Plastic Shed?

I only considered plastic sheds because my brother had recently bought a Keter 6×4 plastic shed. He was very impressed with it so I set about finding one for myself.

I eventually settled on a Keter Factor 8×6. It was very easy to build and I put it together on my own in about 4 hours. I didn’t require any specialist tools and I am very happy with the result.

I’m also considering a Keter Store It Out Ultra as a bike storage shed and to house the barbeque and some garden furniture.

Traditional Style Plastic Sheds

External (Ext:) and Internal (Int:) dimensions are given in centimeters.
The order is Length x Width x Height (L x W x H).

Plastic Shed Styles

Plastic sheds are available in 2 common styles, the first of which is the traditional style. This is high enough to walk inside and has either an apex roof or a pent roof. These are normally more expensive than the second style, the cabinet style. The cabinet style is smaller, it has double doors at the front and a lid that can be lifted up.

Cabinet Style Plastic Sheds

The Best Plastic Sheds for Garden Storage

Keter is a world leader in plastic sheds which is why they dominate this list. Obviously, the best plastic shed for you will be determined by what size you need, but there will be a Keter shed to suit your needs.

For me, the Keter Factor 8×6 shed is ideal. This is a traditional style plastic shed with an apex roof. It is very sturdy, easy to assemble and has already weathered some fierce west coast winter storms without any problems. The double doors enable easy access and the built-in window and roof-light provide good illumination even when the doors are shut.

The most popular size for a garden storage shed is the Keter Manor 6×4 plastic shed.

If you are looking for a cabinet style plastic shed, the Keter Store It Out Midi is very popular, gets great reviews and is competitively priced.

If you need a bike storage shed, the Keter Store It Out Ultra is big enough to take a bike and a bunch of other stuff besides!

Keter, Keta or Ketter

Just as a footnote, there are a couple of common mis-spellings of Keter. If you are looking for Keta garden furniture, a Ketter bike storage shed or a Keter storage bench, the company is spelt Keter 🙂

If you’re looking for some storage ideas to maximise the space in your shed, check out this article from GardnersWorld.

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