June 2017

June 2017 Postcard Cover

May was, as the football pundits used to say, “A game of two ‘alves”. On the one hand, I have not managed to post any blog articles. I have not done any work on my cars, and I have not been any car shows or races. On the other hand, I did meet up with my brothers for a nice walk on the south coast. Went on holiday to Kefalonia for a week and spent some time helping my son with the kitchen in his flat.

Car Stuff

The only car related activity that I managed this month was going along to the Midget and Sprite Club meeting right at the end of the month. As always, great to meet up with everyone especially when a new member arrived in his MkIII Midget. He keeps it in tip-top condition and makes my Frogeye look pretty raggedy!

There was a superb looking Mustang in the car park. I have to confess that I’m not an expert on Mustangs but I think it was circa 1965. I didn’t manage to figure out who owned it but maybe next month.

If it’s June, then it’s Le Mans 🙂 I used to go every year back in the 80’s and early 90’s and absolutely loved it. It’s a real festival feeling where real life is put on hold whilst you join the circus for a week. Great racing, great food (in the town, not the circuit) a few drinks and a brilliant party atmosphere.
If you’re going, hope you have a great time.

As for me, I’ll eventually get to the Ace Cafe on the 13th June. The first Tuesday of every month is classic car night so I hope there is a great turnout for that. I’m also going to visit a couple of local car shows so I need to pack my picnic basket!

Blog Stuff

Although I didn’t get any blog posts written this month, I did try different ways of promoting the blog.
I joined 2 Facebook groups dedicated to promoting blogs by supporting each other by LIKEing, FOLLOWing and SHAREing various articles.

It was singularly unsuccessful for me 🙁 I think the main problem is that the vast majority of blogs in these groups fall into the following categories: Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Mums, How to blog etc. I didn’t come across any other car, motorbike or boat related content. As such, it’s difficult to get any meaningful engagement. I don’t think that I’ll pursue that strategy any further.


I spent some time carrying out minor adjustments to the Leak Down Test post to try and improve its appearance in Google search results. The impact of SEO changes tends to take weeks rather than days to have an impact; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! So far, there has been no significant impact (positive or negative) but I’ll keep monitoring the stats.

Social Media

If you visit the Owners World Facebook Page (web page version, not the App), I have added some tabs so that you can see my Instagram and Twitter feeds without needing an account; hope you enjoy them.

Asako Camera

Geek Stuff

I bought myself an action camera to play with this month but couldn’t justify a couple of hundred quid on a GoPro. I bought an AKASO EK7000 ULTRA HD from Amazon for £60 and it is very well spec’d, with a whole bundle of accessories included.
It seems pretty good but I can’t compare it with GoPro as I’ve never used one. What I can say is that is not a replacement for a normal camera. The 170° lens is very wide and leads to a lot of distortion of verticals in the image. I think that this is standard across the action cameras where it important to capture as much of the scene as possible.
I’ll put some pictures and videos up on the Facebook page shortly so that you can see what it can do.

The weather seems to have improved and I have seen loads of classics out on the roads already. Le Mans, summer car meets and the sunshine should bring even more out. I Hope you enjoy June and manage to get out driving, meeting and fettling!

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Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you found it enjoyable and useful. If you have, please spread the word and share it!